We currently hire the Professional Birth Pool in a Box Eco - Regular Size, which comes with a seat inside the pool.  We provide a kit - see our What's in a kit? page - that includes everything you need to have your baby at home in water.  Other accessories can be bought individually from www.birthpoolinabox.co.uk

External dimensions 193 x 165 x 76cm (76 x 65 x 30")  

Internal dimensions 142 x 114cm (56 x 45")

Internal depth 69cm (27")

Water volume 650 litres

Weight when filled 659kg (1450lbs) plus people.

The regular pool is approximately 4 bathtubs of full of water, and can take from 30 minutes up to 2.5 hours to fill, depending on your water supply system.  The best time to start filling the pool is in early labour, as it's better to be a little early than too late!

You may wish to have a practice run, setting up and filling the pool - to do this we recommend that you buy and extra disposable liner to ensure the liner you have for your birth is clean.  Never fill the pool without a liner.  Additional liners can be purchased here www.birthpoolinabox.co.uk


"The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend."
Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE, Founder of Waterbirth International and leader in waterbirth credentialing